Tendon Injury


A carpenter sustained sharp cut injury in his left little finger which was stitched superficially. After 1 week patient noticed that he was not able to move his little finger. Dr. Amit Mittal operated on his finger and deep inside the wound important structure like nerve and tendon were found injured. They were repaired under microscope. Now he is well and happy.

  • Date of surgery – 16/11/16

Diagnosis –

1 week old Zone 2 FDS,FDP tendon injury left little finger with corse sutured transverse wound at PPX shaft level with absent active flexion of little finger at PIP & DIP joint with normal sensation.

Surgery –

Wound debridement left little finger with Zone 2 FDS, FDP repair with 3-0 prolene by Becker technique [FDP], Kracko stitch technique [FDS].

Before Operation

During Operation

After Operation