Sports injury treatment in Ganganagar Jaipur

Does the sports injury restrict you to follow your gaming passion? Get the best sports injury treatment in Ganganagar Jaipur to cure different sports injuries and set your gaming goals for an ultimate victory. Sports injuries are referred to as the injuries that generally occur while playing a specific sport like cricket, football, hockey, etc. The most commonly found reasons behind such kinds of injuries include overtraining, adoption of wrong methods and techniques, lack of warm-up, etc. The sports injury further results in the following:

  • Strains
  • Broken bones
  • Bruises
  • Tearing of tissues
  • Sprains

Moreover, it can also lead to damaging soft tissues, tendons, fascia, muscles, bursae, and ligaments. In addition to this, there are specific sports injuries related to hand that results from forceful fall. This leads to the bending of fingers and the hand to the back along with significant fracture, sprains, and dislocation of the muscles. The wrist, hand, and finger are generally affected by such sports injuries.

Treat sport injuries with the best sports injury treatment in Ganganagar Jaipur

It is advised that the person suffering from any kind of sports injury should seek immediate medical help if the person experiences one or the other types of symptoms like extreme pain, numbness in hands and, severe swelling. In addition to that, sometimes the patient feels coldness and grayness in the hand or the finger.

The occurrence of injury while playing a sport is a common phenomenon that cannot be avoided but certain preventions can be undertaken that can help in refraining the chances of the traumatic wrist and hand surgery. Thus, the players or persons playing a sport should ensure protection through wearing gloves and wrist guards. Furthermore, a short warm-up and few stretching exercises can also help in avoiding the chances of sports injury.

The treatment options for sports injury can be determined based on the severity of the injury, the duration, the location and the type of surgery. For example, in the case of sports injury related to fractures and ligament tearing, the surgery can prove to be the best option for faster healing and recovery. On the other hand, in certain other cases, medications, casts, splints or physical therapy can be preferred as a better treatment approach. Moreover, the sports injury treatment in Ganganagar Jaipur also takes into account the long term and short term damages, the relative stiffness and the deformities that are caused due to injury.

He is a good wicket keeper and his known for his quick hand movement. One day he had cricket ball injury and he lost his little finger movement. He was no more cricketer fan two month. Dr Amit Mittal operated on his little finger and give his passions of playing cricket as a gift to his life.

  • Age/sex – 20 year/male

Diagnosis –

Flexion deformity left little finger with radial side central slip injury.

Surgery –

Contracture release left little finger with central slip repair left little finger.

Before Operation

During Operation

After Operation