Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
Parents of 20 days old child, were disturbed due to swelling in right thumb of their child. We operated new born child and within few days swelling decrease and thumb is getting normal size.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
I lost my thumb of left hand following machine injury. Dr Amit mittal is specialist in microvascular surgery. Dr Amit mittal did my surgery. He told us all possibilities. Now 3 months post surgery. My hand is doing well. I am happy. God is great that I got it done t right time.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
I have got my thumb completely detached from left hand, got to know about replantation possible by dr Amit mittal. It took 5hour to reach Jaipur from spear. Dr Amit mittal detailed about success chances and heavy cost involved in it. We were happy that we dr Amit mittal did our surgery successfully. Now 3 months post surgery my thumb is doing good and able to manage to my old job. Dr Amit personal care and his advise we found crystal clear that makes no confusion left. Rest is our fate.


Visited For Shoulder Pain
I have some kind of discomfort in my shoulder. Everytime I visit doctor they take x-ray and advise to take rest for sometime. Atlast I happen to visit hand to shoulder clinic -there Dr amit mittal identified my problem of winging of scapula. He taught me about its natural history and tretment. Now i am happy.

Verified Patient

I was not able to control my hand for long time. I have shown almost all doctors of Jaipur for this problem. On of them advised for dr Amit Mittal. I thought it is of no use. But one day my neighbour told me about his hand injury problem that was solved by dr Amit Mittal. It clicked me and I met him. I can bet that he is different from rest of all. Hr counselled me well. Hr operated me and I am much better than before. I like to tell that any one having hand injury or player in their, should visit him. Thank you so much Dr. Amit Mittal.

Verified Patient

I lost my little finger movement following blade cut injury of left hand. I am working as a pop decoration designer in Jaipur. Initially managed at local hospital in form of skin closure, 1 week later doctor removed plaster and there was no movement in my finger. He advised me to visit Dr. Amit mittal senior consultant hand and Micro surgeon in Vaishali Nagar and working in SDMH hospital Jaipur. He told me very nicely and operated me well. Today i am well. ******************* Tendon surgery, nerve surgery.

Manveer Singh

Visited For Joint Mobilization
I was suffering from one pain and swelling. Dr Amit mittal took out big mass present in back of my knee that is hurting me. Thanks to dr not motto.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
I lost my index finger in kutti machine. Dr Mitchell mittal did 7 hour surgery to bring back my original finger in its place. I m happy with his dedicated work. Thanks u god dr Amit mittal is there who are ready to help needy people.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
Pain in thigh legs for 2 years. Dr Amit mittal treated me well and today I living well without any problem.

S.L prajapat

Visited For Joint Mobilization
I was suffering from stiffness in fiber following fracture forearm bones. Dr Amit mortal gave us good advise to operate and then exercise. I just followed what he said. I m good. though he didn't give guarantee but I trust God. He is great.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
Good doctor. He got my ankle fixed. Now I am well. He is good. He gave good therapy. He is good. I am very thankful to him.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
Myself doctor and have wrist pain .he has understand problem and made me better with 2 weeks treatment.


Visited For Finger Pain
Swelling in thumb after cricket ball injury. He splinted it accurately with no difficulty. It took 2 months but I am alright.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
I was suffering from long standing ulnar side pain in wrist. He arthroscopic cleaned the torn structure. I am well now.


Visited For Knee Pain
My mother was suffering from knee pain quite long time. Dr Amit treated well as whole person she is walking now.


Visited For Hip Pain
He identified problem of my aunty hip pain. Dr Amit mittal is super. He operated her and she start walking 3 days later.


Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
I have injured my forearm. Dr Amit mittal fixed my bone and nerve my bones are united. I hav got feeling of sensation in 7 months. He is amazing person. Best wishes in hi life.

Verified Patient

I hav severe pain in my right thumb. Consulted many doctors. Some gave daily injection. I was fed up of my job that I could able to perform well. In my office my colleague told me about dr amit mittal. He told me that it require operation. He is so confident that I said it to do it. Next day I had full relief, I am happy person now. He is like God to me.

Verified Patient

6 year old tapesh yadav from narnol haryana injured his right thumb [ cut thumb ]by machine injury. initially went to lcal hospital in narnol. They recomend Dr amit mittal in jaipur. Dr. Amit mittal is very nice in counselling. They clearly explained about possibility of putting back cut thumb with prolong hospital stay and later importance of physiotherapy. we are lucky to have doctor like him who gave new birth to our child hand. my child is doing well.

Verified Patient

Myself from medical profession, still didn't get right doctor to treat me. Dr. amit mitral is good in treatment. He operated me and remove thorn the was stuk in nerve. Now I am happy. ***********

Verified Patient

Visited For Wrist problems
It was awesome experience with the doctor.very calm doctor, explain me the reason for my wrist pain, now I'm feeling better. thanks doctor.