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Treat your hand deformities at the best plastic hand surgery center Jaipur. Plastic surgery can be described as the branch of surgery that primarily deals with the replacement, repair, and reconstruction of the physical defects of the skin, hand, musculoskeletal system, maxillofacial structures, etc. This branch of surgery utilizes the aesthetic surgical principles that assist in improving the undesired qualities of the normal structure and at the same time used in a variety of reconstructive procedures as well. The improvement in the body parts is no doubt an objective of plastic surgery but the primary reason for undertaking plastic surgery for hand is to restore the functions of the tissue and skin to ensure the proper functioning of the concerned body part.

The plastic hand surgery doctor in Jaipur recommends plastic surgery for different body organs including hands to repair several abnormalities and injuries that occur to these organs. Thus, it can include repairing the hands that have been damaged due to burns or such other serious injuries. Moreover, the surgery is also preferred to reconstruct the area of the face or the breast that has been damaged due to the removal of cancerous tissue. The birth abnormalities such as webbed fingers can also be treated with the help of plastic hand surgery.

Heal your hands with the top plastic hand surgery doctor in Jaipur

The best plastic hand surgery center Jaipur utilizes several techniques at the time of performing the plastic hand surgery. These techniques are as follows:

Skin grafting: This is one of the commonly adopted techniques of plastic surgery wherein healthy skin from the unaffected area is removed to replace the damaged and lost skin. The procedure can be used for treating the hand also.

Expansion of the tissue: In this plastic surgery procedure, the surrounding tissues are stretched so that the extra skin on the body can grow and assist in the reconstruction of the nearby areas.

Skin flap surgery: This kind of plastic surgery involves transferring a piece of tissue from the body including the blood vessels to keep the tissue alive. The surgery has been named so because of the healthy tissue that is partially attached to the body at the time of repositioning. All these procedures can be used for overcoming the deformity in the hands of the patients to ensure better functioning and appearance.

In addition to this, the plastic hand surgery doctor in Jaipur explains that competency in plastic surgery is a must for performing a successful surgery. The professional expertise can be attained with the combination of essential knowledge, ethics, surgical judgment, interpersonal skills along with technical expertise so that the problem can be resolved for delivering satisfaction patient outcomes.

Moreover, the surgeons at the best plastic hand surgery center Jaipur manage to treat complex wounds of hands along with tumors through effective usage of implantable materials that provide positive outcomes for the patient. Therefore, the plastic surgery of hand aims at restoring the routine functions of the hands.

Contracture Deformity Correction

In his child age, he accidentally burned all his fingers by holding hot fry pain and he is searching for its treatment. He found Dr. Amit Mittal through his relatives. He got operated and his deformity improved.

Age/sex – 12 year/male

Diagnosis –

1 year old contracture left hand ring and little finger secondary to machine injury left hand with difficult hand grip and release with stiff pip joint of left middle and ring finger.

Surgery –

Contracture release left ring and little finger.

Before operation

During Operation

After Operation