Microsurgery & Replantation Surgery

The hand microsurgery and reconstructive orthopedics in Ganganagar Jaipur provides specialized treatment for treating the hand and upper extremities. The hand microsurgery and reconstructive procedures are undertaken to repair the injured hands that comprise of the palm, nerve, skin, tendon, blood vessel, joint damage, cartilage along with the connective tissues that assist in binding the body parts together. The surgery is highly recommended in cases when the person experiences traumatic hand injuries in the form of:

  • Extreme laceration of a blood vessel
  • Nerve injury
  • Tendon injury
  • Injuries related to thumb and fingers

The hand microsurgery procedures adopted by the surgeons primarily aims for the reconstruction of the hand and fingers to save the palm and wrists from extreme damage caused due to sudden injury. The efforts are also made for nerve repairment that results in the restoration of sensation and motion in the patient. The hand microsurgery is performed with the help of a typical operating microscope and precision instruments that assist in performing complex operations on soft tissues, blood vessels, nerves, etc. The success of the surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon in performing the different types of microvascular surgeries.

Best reconstructive orthopedics in Ganganagar Jaipur helps you treat multiple orthopedic disorders

The orthopedic surgery can be categorized into two major categories i.e. surgical procedure to enable reconstruction and repair of the musculoskeletal attributes of the body and while the other includes the surgeries that focus on replacement of certain parts of the body, for example, joints. In addition to this, the surgical reconstructive and repair technique mainly emphasizes on the reconstruction of ligament, muscles, joint, nerve along with cartilage through a wide variety of methods such as internal fixation, fusion, arthroscopy, osteotomy, fusion, and arthroscopy.

In the post-recovery period, physical therapy is an important follow-up process that assists the patient in resuming normal activities with the help of the body part that has been operated. In addition to this, there are significant risks in the Hand microsurgery and reconstructive orthopedics in Ganganagar Jaipur. Similar to other surgeries, this type of surgery also includes the risk associated with infections, along with significant allergic reactions to anesthesia, intense bleeding along with such other types of complications. In cases, where the problem has not reached advanced stages, the treatment options can include non-surgical procedures like injections, rehabilitation, and effective medication and these too will depend on each of the individual’s patient conditions.

Micro Vascular Surgery

Young 10 year old boy fell from the tree and sustained serious injury in his right arm. There was injury to the blood vessel due to which the boy would lose his arm if not get operated within 8-10 hours.
Dr. Amit Mittal did his vascular surgery, fix the fractured arm bone. Now he is playing games like normal children.

  • Age/sex – 10 Year/Male

Diagnosis –

Sharp cut injury middle 1/ 3r d right arm with thrombosed brachial artery with 75 % cut bicep muscle open fracture middle 1/3 rd shaft of right humerus with pink pulseless hand.

Surgery –

Wound debridment right arm with 6 hole narrow DCP plate fixation of fracture shaft humerus with brachial artery repair.

Before Operation

During Operation

After Operation