Microsurgery & Replantation Surgery

Micro Vascular Surgery

Young 10 year old boy fell from the tree and sustained serious injury in his right arm. There was injury to the blood vessel due to which the boy would lose his arm if not get operated within 8-10 hours.
Dr. Amit Mittal did his vascular surgery, fix the fractured arm bone. Now he is playing games like normal children.

  • Age/sex – 10 Year/Male

Diagnosis –

Sharp cut injury middle 1/ 3r d right arm with thrombosed brachial artery with 75 % cut bicep muscle open fracture middle 1/3 rd shaft of right humerus with pink pulseless hand.

Surgery –

Wound debridment right arm with 6 hole narrow DCP plate fixation of fracture shaft humerus with brachial artery repair.

Before Operation

During Operation

After Operation