Nerve Surgery in Ganganagar Jaipur

Are you suffering from chronic pain caused due to nerve injuries? The nerve surgery in Ganganagar Jaipur can help you get rid of the pain so you can step ahead for a painless life. The key objective of undertaking peripheral nerve surgery is to achieve a better diagnosis of the variety of peripheral nerve disorders such as nerve injuries caused due to accidents, entrapments and different types of nerve tumors like the neurofibroma. Thus, accurate treatment can be provided through surgery options.

The peripheral nerves can be referred to as the group of nerves that are situated outside the spinal cord and the brain. More commonly, these include the nerves that belong to the arms, legs chest, face and stomach. Furthermore, these nerves can chronic pain due to factors like nerve injury, diabetic neuropathy or any other kind of surgery. The nerve injury or compression of nerves can be treated with specialized surgical treatment options that emphasize healing chronic nerve pain.

Know all about nerve surgery in Ganganagar Jaipur to heal nerve pain

The surgery can be viewed as a treatment option for chronic pain that occurs after some sort of sports injury, accidents or trauma and further, the pain cannot be relieved by using commonly adopted methods. Such kind of pain might have been caused due to injury to the peripheral nerves. Although patients resort to a variety of therapies such as focussed medication, physical therapy, and orthopedic treatment, it can be observed that the patients suffering from peripheral nerve injuries do not find long term benefits from such methods.

The nerve surgery in Ganganagar Jaipur will be recommended to patients will depend on typical cases that will focus on the type of nerve injury, the duration, the damaged caused due to such injury and the area which will be effected through the surgery. The nerve surgery that primarily focuses on the hand, elbow or wrist is undertaken to improve the functioning of the palm and the upper area of the hand. Depending on the condition, if the nerve can be repaired, diverse surgical methods can be adopted that will include nerve grafting, nerve decompression and the repairment of the nerve. Moreover, in the case where nerves cannot be repaired, the patient can be suggested to undergo tendon transfer treatment in which the surgeons can borrow additional tendons from the other part of the hand so that functions can be restored in the area which has been damaged due to nerve injury.

Small Cut in Little Finger got unnoticed at the time of injury for few weeks. After some time she realized that she is not able to move her little finger and unable to feel the touch. Dr Amit Mittal repaired the nerve and tendon to bring near normal movement and sensation. Now she is comfortable doing her work

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