Congenital Constriction Band

Constriction Band

Parents of 20 days old child, were disturbed due to swelling in right thumb of their child. We operated new born child and within few days swelling decrease and thumb is getting normal size.

  • Age/sex – 20 days year/male

Diagnosis –

Constriction Band Right thumb at IP joint level with gross swelling.

Surgery –

Constriction Band release right thumb

Before Operation

After Operation

Deformity of both Thumb

Depressed girl not getting married because deformity of both thumb. She is a marriage age girl and very active in her work. She was not accepted socially for marriage, just because she born with deformity of thumb. Dr. Amit Mittal gives her new hope and corrected her thumb deformity. Now she is enjoying life.

Before Operation

After Operation