Best neurologist doctor Jaipur

The best neurologist doctor Jaipur can help you overcome major neurological disorders. The neurology can be referred to as the branch of medicine that deals with the problems associated with the nervous system which is a complex system involved in coordinating and regulating the activities of the human body. The professional who holds expertise and specialization in treating the various diseases related to the nervous system is known as the neurologist. The branch of neurology emphasizes two core important aspects:

  • CNS or Central Nervous System which comprises of spinal cord and brain.
  • PNS or the Peripheral Nervous System that focuses on the sensory receptors like eyes, skin, ears, etc.

The neurology doctor in Jaipur provides relief to patients suffering from diverse neurological disorders. You should visit a neurologist in case you are faced with symptoms such as muscle weakness, dizziness, difficulty in coordination, problems with sensation, confusion, etc. Moreover, patients suffering from the following neurological disorders are also recommended for a consultation from the neuro specialist:

  • Seizure disorder, for example, epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Disorders related to spinal cord including autoimmune disorders and inflammatory diseases
  • Commonly found headaches, for example, migraine
  • Stroke
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Nervous system infections such as meningitis and encephalitis

Get rid of the major neurological problems with the best neurology doctor in Jaipur

To find out the presence of any kind of neurological disorder, the best neurologist doctor Jaipur undertakes the neurological examination that mainly assesses the coordination, balance, sensory and motor skills along with checking the mental status of the patient. The diagnostic tests and other procedures are considered to be core importance as they help in confirming the multiple neurological disorders and diseases. In addition to this, the head, muscle, neck strength, and movement are also evaluated to check the ambulation, cognitive abilities, reflexes, sensation, and speech abilities of the patient.

The neurology doctor in Jaipur can recommend for the surgery based on the outcomes of diagnostic tests such as EEG, CT Scan, evoked potential, MRI, nerve conduction velocity, neuro sonography, and the lumbar puncture. Apart from this, certain neurological disorders and diseases cannot be prevented. Epilepsy, certain types of brain disorders and brain tumors are not preventable but timely action taken can help in managing against some neurological disorders. For example, stroke is one of the common brain problems that can be prevented by following certain recommendations:

  • Regularly monitor blood pressure to keep it under control
  • Avoid smoking
  • Intake of a balanced diet and adequate exercise to maintain a healthy body weight

The best neurologist doctor Jaipur also suggests that some particular neurological issues can be overcome with a focussed treatment approach along with necessary rehabilitation. But where the neuro disorders and diseases cannot be cured, it is advised to the patient to make certain adjustments to their lifestyle to reduce the negative impact on the patient’s body. Moreover, physiotherapy, pain management, and desired medications can also help in restoring the mental health of the patients to some degree.

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